200 Waterwalls in 2 Years Sold

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2022

This really made my day - thank you Mauricio for that amazing testimonial! It feels so great to see your success and happiness.

I know i helped you and i inspired you, but you did it all by yourself. Your success story will sure inspire others to start the waterwall business.

And yes, you used some of my advice, but you have developed your own system and you have sold more then 200 waterwalls in 2 years in Argentinia and you can live your life more relaxed and more happy and more healthy then before, when you have been a sales representative.

Thank you so much for your video and the picutres - i hope we can do lot more in the future together!

Here is the link to some of your works pictures i just uploaded on pinterest:


Big hug :)

Yours Markus



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