DIY Indoor Waterfall With Big Problems

diy stone water wall video Apr 01, 2020

This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Here you can see a very big water wall. It is around about 6m high and more than 3m wide in a very excusive, expensive 5 star hotel and guess what: it was a big desaster. Well, i didn't build this one, actually the customer called me to help him fix it.
Let me show you the biggest problems: Here you can see, what it is now looking like, actually they just turned it on to show me how it looks like. And as you can see, the water is running behind those dirty glasses. And, it doesn't look really good. The problem was thoses natural stone tiles, they made the water splash and drop away and here they try to fix it with silicone and the problem is that silicone is making the water loosing contact to the surface and then it dropped away.
So, actually the whole project was from the beginning, well, a real big problem and then they tried to fix it and each fix led to another problem. So, this is a wall which is covered with natural stone tiles and, you know, they had the idea to flood it with water, which is actually a good idea, if you know how to make it. But what they did not consider is, that those stone tiles, you know, because when they have edges, water will drop off the surface and then falls down here on the stairway and everything gets wet.
So this is what they did not consider in the beginning and this is actually rule number 1 when you build water walls: Never use surfaces which you did not test before, so, if you have a new surface, first make a test before you install it. But, yeah, this is not the first time i have seen such a desaster. This was the first problem, that the water did not stay at the wall, it just jumped of it according to those edges of those stone tiles.
Then, those supersmart guys, what they did in order to prevent the water from dropping here, they have put those glass plates here. Imagine how expensive that was, you know, those big glass plates and putting it in front of the water wall, which is actually covering the water wall, you barely see anything else. But what happened then, as you can see here by the lime traces, those drops, which were caught by those glass plates, left traces and those glass plates got dirtier and dirtier and dirtier, as you can see now here. And now it's not an eyecatcher, it's just ugly, you know.
So, they tried to fix it, it didn't work and then what also happened, is, the water found its way through the tiles out of the water wall and it went across a part of the wall and it covered everything with dirty lime traces. So, this is, yeah, a pretty sad story, as you can see.
So, lesson number one: Never ever build a water wall with a surface which you don't know its behavior, which you did not test before. Second: Make a planning and be really mindful, when it comes to the question 'Where could the water go ?' and seal and protect those areas so that the water can not leave the water wall zone. And, yeah, well, let's say, those are the two most important lessons here.
I hope this was interesting for you. And i hope you have learned how not to do it. So, if you want to build a water wall, please visit our water wall school, there we'll show you the basics, there is also a free course there and also advanced courses and you can also book me for planning your water wall.
Because, what you see here, this water wall, as i said, 6 times 3, this is 18 sm, so, professionals they sell such a water wall for a minimum, let's say, 50 000 Euro, 60 - 70 000 Euro, this is actually the minimum. But those guys they thought, they can do it themselves, and look what happened, you know, if you don't follow the basic rules, they had big problems and, i think, they tried to save money, but at the end they really had to pay much more, because it was just a big failure and all the attempts to fix it didn't work.
I hope this is a good example for you to join us at the water wall school, because such things won't happen to you if you become a member. And hope to see you soon.
Thank you, bye-bye.


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