Uncategorized Mar 15, 2023

Frankly i got this idea few minutes ago from Frank Kern, whom i follow.

He sais his cousin Tray (LOL) asked Chat GPT 4,, "write a short paragraph about frank kern". The result is a little too awesome, you can see it here:

So i asked my cousin Jake (ROFL) to try the same thing and he asked: "write a short paragraph about markus retek from wawazen waterwall school".

This is Chat GPTs answer:

"Markus Retek is a highly respected teacher and practitioner in the field of waterwall design and installation, affiliated with the Wawazen Waterwall School. With over a decade of experience in this specialized area, he has earned a reputation for his innovative and thoughtful approach to creating water features that seamlessly blend into their surrounding environment. Markus is known for his commitment to sustainable design principles and his ability to customize each project to the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of his clients. He is a valued member of the Wawazen community and continues to inspire and educate others in the art and science of waterwall design."

You know what? I feel like a completely new person now! LOL.


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