HELP, my water feature sucks - problems with indoor waterfall

diy how to video water feature Mar 15, 2020

This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Hello guys, this I just want to share pretty shortly, because it happens every year a couple of times that people contact me because they really are suffering from not-working water features or water walls. I just will read this in short.
This is an email: "Dear Sir or Madam, we (my boss and I) are facing a medium to very large problem. We had a water wall installed in our supermarket. Unfortunately, the company is either unavailable or not in the country or simply no longer feels responsible for its property. By asking and begging several times nobody comes to help us. (Water leaks out, poorly laid pipes) Every external person who took a look at this has cursed that thing. We therefore need a company that can get us out of the bad, look at the existing properties, suggest an alternative and, of course, be available if there are problems. So we came across your company by chance. What would a visit and a consultation cost ? Where are your water walls so priced ? Sincerely yours."
So, actually it's originally a german letter and I have just made a short translation so that you get the context and I, yeah, if you build a water wall on your own - shit can happen. It's really like that. Usually most people think: "Oh creating a water wall it's not such a big problem.". And, you know what, you won't believe it, but I know the guy who has installed the water wall here and he is not a beginner! Even after he has created a lot of water walls, still he gets, yeah, he gets things not straight. But maybe I should say that the guy who did this is not specialized in water walls, which are supposed to run in a long run. He is specialized in only one week or two week water feature setups at fairs, etc.
So, but what I want to say, is that this is not a single incident here. I really believe that 80% of the water features, the big water features out there in the whole world, they don't work. Because people they think: "Wow, okay, won't be such a big challenge, isn't it, to create a water wall. It's just water running across a surface." But sadly that's not really true. There are a lot of things to be considered. The first thing would be really to be mindful and to plan and to test before you install it.
Okay, so, I don't want to talk too much about this. So, I hope you get a sense of it and I hope you are motivated to join me at the Water Wall School, because there I'm giving away a lot of free knowledge. So, you can join for free and then you will avoid most of the problems you might get when you do such a thing for the first time.
So, yeah, I hope you liked it and please subscribe here to my channel and please register for free at the Wawazen Waterwall School.
Thank you. See you soon, bye-bye!


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