How to build a pool water feature


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Hello and welcome again to the Wawazen Waterwall School. Here I will show you how we did a water wall at a pool which is looking pretty amazing.

This was a very exclusive villa in Switzerland where the complete pool area had been refurbished. Here you can see mosaic tiles and they have produced a niche and then we have put a glass plate there and we have also put some LED light down here and as it is, I think more than 10 years ago, maybe, I think, we have had also some LED lights up there. So, it looks pretty good, but we have had a couple of challenges and I wouldn't do it the same way again, but ... yeah, I will explain you how we did it. I just want to show you some additional pictures before I start explaining how we did it.

Okay, so now you have seen the setup and actually, as I said, it is a niche so if that's the wall, then, from above, then we have placed here the glass plate which is then at one level with the rest of the wall. So, actually the whole wall has been increased in order to be able to create such a niche where we could place the glass plate in front of the mosaic tiles and we needed a niche because, maybe you know that, we use the overflow channel. This is the profile of the overflow channel and the overflow channel itself needs around about 10 centimeters. So this is why we had to create this niche, but it looks pretty good and down there is the gutter, which is, by the way, the gutter of the pool ... so, let me make a small sketch ... so, if this is the pool then, you probably know, that here is the overflow gutter and we have put the glass plate simply inside this gutter and we have constructed some plastic holding parts which then fixed the glass plate so that it couldn't move and it is pool water which is used here. So, the good thing about this is that, you know, we don't need a separate water treatment. We just use the pool water and bring it to the overflow channel at the top and then we need the sub distribution as you can see in one of my other videos or if you visit our Water Wall School then you will learn this too - and this is the basic simple setup how we did a water wall at a pool, at a by the way very exclusive pool, as you can see. Because this is here gold plated color. Here, down there, here is a bar and it is really amazing. So yeah, I hope this helps you. The the setup is, I hope, clear.

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Thank you. Bye-bye.


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