Kill the coronavirus with waterwalls!

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

Waterwalls lower the risk of Covid transmission. Our article provides results of scientific research explained in a simple way. Check what the ultimate reasons are to invest in waterwalls and waterwall business.

Many people know the benefits of waterwalls. They make a fascinating optical effect and enrich the atmosphere of restaurants or offices. They clean the air as well as help people feel better in any room where a water feature is installed. 

But did you know that waterwalls decrease the spread of viruses among people indoors? And what is most important - in the years 2020-2021 it was proven that the higher air humidity, the lower the spread of Covid.

There are several scientific reports to confirm this and they are all unanimous. Professor Joseph Allen from Harvard University claims that keeping humidity between 40% and 60% makes the virus decay. We found the same data in the other studies listed below.

We have read all those scientific reports, which was not an easy task. You can read them yourself. But since you may not be fond of the scientific language, we advise you to keep reading this article.

How does humid air lower virus transmission?

Waterwalls, thread fountains and other indoor water features humidify the air, which in simple words means: they make the air wetter. Wetter air means more and bigger droplets of water spread all around the room. Such droplets connect with dust and organics and of course with viruses. The bigger the droplets, the faster they fall on the floor and other surfaces. Do you see the connection already? Water drops produced by waterwalls take the danger out of your way! 

On the other hand, dry air lets the viruses flow freely all around. You should quickly install some water feature in your restaurant or office to let water droplets take the virus down! 

What does it have to do with my nose and lungs?

Another scientific fact is: 

In our lungs, the first line of defense are the cells that create mucus, and we have ciliated cells. The mucus captures airborne particles. In drier air, we produce less mucus, and the cilia don't work as effectively, so you lose that defense mechanism.

Dry air makes people’s noses and lungs dry. And this is like a highway for viruses! Put the limits on their way immediately by installing for example - a waterwall.

What else do the scientists say?

Dr Mishra, leader of a team of analysts (India's CSIR National Physical Laboratory) says that “authorities should include the humidity factor in future indoor guidelines.” 

If we translate it from scientific to human it means “government should be able to tell you to install a waterwall in your office or restaurant.” Hey! Wouldn’t that be amazing for waterwall business? Get ahead of your competition and start applying water features now! 


We had been building waterwalls before many people even knew they existed. We kept saying that waterwalls were amazing before they got famous. What we have even said was: “a healthy indoor climate is especially important during the cold season, because flu viruses multiply rapidly in dry air. “ -  long before the covid virus changed our lives.

If you want to succeed - join Wawazen Waterwall School and start healing the world together with us.

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Picture credit: Anti Viral Vectors by Vecteezy


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