Indoor Waterfall with Mineral Oil = Dogshit

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2022

 2 weeks ago Mister R. from Las Vegas told me this:

His friend, Mister B., had built a waterwall for a very rich lady. Instead of water he did put oil in the circulation... maybe to avoid refilling due to evaporation? 

The lady had 12 expensive dogs. Turns out, mineral oil is a natural laxative for dogs. The dogs consumed the oil and shit all over the multimillion mansion.

The lady was pretty upset and Mister B. had to take back the waterwall.

Lucky for Mister R., because after that he baught the stored waterwall for a nice low price...

He has shown me the waterwall, now running with water, live via whatsapp video chat.

Sad story, right? I admire the courage of Mister B. to build something like that! Actullay you need to have courage anyway if you build custom made indoor waterfalls!

But how can you avoid such dramas? I would say by following 3 simple rules:

#1. Always test the waterfall in your workshop before you deliver at the site

#2. Dont sell a prototype as something usual! Be honest and make clear that unexpected things can happen when you invent new systems!

#3. Always think about the enviroment your waterwall is going to be installed - then you might conclude if animals or childrens behaviour needs to be considered.

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