How To Be Successful With Indoor Waterfalls

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Indoor Waterfalls – Learn The Secrets!

Installing a water feature or building a waterfall can be a magnificent and elegant addition to any indoor space but it doesn’t come without its risks.

Although it’s not the most difficult task in the world, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to be in the lookout for, if you want to be successful with indoor water features.

You Will Discover...

How to avoid mistakes, money loss & frustration

• How to build a glass waterfall

• How to keep the water clean

• How to avoid lime, algae & germs

• How to keep the fountain safe

• How to organize a fully or semi-automated water feature

• How to perform all the maintenance work

Boost Your Confidence & Earn A Stress-Free Living!

Building a tremendous water fountain can be intimidating at first, especially considering how expensive it can be and how much work it requires. After you’re done reading this book however, you will finally possess the information and confidence to be more relaxed when installing a water feature or working on any similar water project.


Earn more money, work less hours and eliminate stress and pressure from your vocabulary by arming yourself with the tips and tricks Markus has used to build more than 150 marvelous waterfall projects, that have left even some of the most picky and demanding clients extremely satisfied.

Start Reading Today And Your Water Projects Will Never Be The Same!

E-Book Contents

Start Reading Today And Your Water Projects Will Never Be The Same!

About Markus

Markus Retek started his career as a physiotherapist and came across Waterwalls when a friend installed asked him to help him selling water features in 2001. 2008 he started focusing on custom made automatic Waterwall projects.

After growing the business over a number of years Markus' managed to get all work done in house as well as hiring more than a dozen employees. It's not been all smooth sailing though, Markus has seen all the issues, and made all the mistakes, that can come up when running a Waterwall business.

This gave Markus his mission, to help other entrepreneurs with their water feature businesses. He aims to help you start or grow your business, learning from his knowledge, experience and successes as well as his mistakes.


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