Benefit #4 of Water Walls


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Yeah, another big benefit of water walls or indoor waterfalls is that they are removing smell from the air. In the last session I have described how water walls are cleaning the air from dust and fine dust and smog and exhausts, but what they really also do very good is removing smell and removing chemicals from the air.

A very good example is, there was a perfumery and maybe you know that when you go to a perfumery it really smells pretty strange, because all those perfumes, they stay in the air. And those people who work there, you know, they really suffer from that sometimes, because they are exposed to those chemicals and to those smells the whole day long. And some of them suffer from headaches, etc., etc. After they have installed a water wall all those problems were gone, because those chemicals and smells of the perfumes were absorbed by the water wall. So really a very big benefit removing chemicals and smells from the air, as it has really happened in a perfumery.

And as another partner of mine or, yes, he's a Feng Shui architect, he reported to me that he had a shopping center who suffered from the smell coming out of the shopping centers restaurant kitchen. So, maybe you can imagine how bad that can be if a shopping center, where you are going to buy fancy clothes and I-don't-know-whatever-stuff, has this bad smell coming out of the kitchen. And the solution again was a water wall which absorbed all those bad smell coming out of the kitchen. And so it was, the problem was solved.

Yeah, I think this is a very good, important benefit. many people don't know, that water walls are really excellent air washers and remove unwanted smells chemicals and stuff from the air. So, if you know a perfumery where you can see that the people are suffering from that, ask them if they would like to have a release or a solution.

And by the way, there is a car fixing chain here in Germany or Europe, it's called Auto Teile Unger and whenever I go there they have really bad smell of those car tires. I don't know if you know the really hard smell of new car tires and imagine their shop, they are storing those car tires right in the back of the front end store, so the whole store is stinking of those new car tires. And this is the chemical which I imagine, if I would be exposed to those chemicals the whole day, I will also get a headache. So, a very big benefit.

If you see somebody suffering from bad smell in the air, think of water walls. And if you have some similar experiences please comment below. Subscribe to my channel and visit the water wall school and attend to our free course. Hope to see you soon.
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