Benefit #5 of Water Walls


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Yeah, another very important benefit of water walls is that they can help reduce flu viruses in the air.
If you google "flu virus dry air" you will find that scientists have discovered, that flu viruses thrive in dry air. So if you have dry air in your rooms, you will have more flu viruses than if you would have not-dry air. So, that's why water walls can help, can help to reduce those flu viruses in the air.
You know it's especially in the wintertime, when the air outside is cold and the air inside is warm, then all the humidity is going outside of the house. So you get dry air inside the house and outside you have then higher humidity because the humidity always moves towards the colder areas. This is why usually we have more dry air in houses in the winter and this also explains why we have more flus in the winter. Simply because flu viruses increase in dry air.
So if you want to reduce those, a water wall is a super duper thing, not only because it looks good, it also increases humidity in your house and therefore you will have less flu viruses. The dry air does not only increase flu viruses, it also reduces your mucosus in the eyes, nose and mouth, which then makes you getting, you get red eyes in dry air.
So, dry air is not good for your health at all, so it's very important that you increase that humidity by using a water wall. As I said, it's not only the water wall looking good, it is also increasing humidity, which then will protect your mucosus and will reduce the number of viruses, flu viruses, so you will get less flus, isn't it ?
So I hope you enjoyed that and if you have some ideas on that, please share it below in the comments. Subscribe to my channel and visit We have a free course for water wall builders and I would be glad to see you there.
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