Benefit #6 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Another important benefit of water walls is relaxation and removing fear, because actually I think it's not possible to be relaxed and having fear at the same times. So, water walls are supporting your relaxation and I think this is the reason why many doctors have bought water walls from me. And surprisingly, most of them are dentists. So, what you see here is a very successful dentist in Austria, Vienna, he has two water walls and behind here, this is the waiting area for the patients.
Then this is a big water wall in the waiting area of a doctor who does ..., okay, it's so complicated, but it's a big waiting area and all of those patients, I believe, they have fear. It has to do something with your lower parts of your body so, they, and, ahm, okay, why not this is a colon clinic, so, if you have some problems with digestion they put a camera in your butt. So people waiting there, you can imagine, most of them have some fear, so we have a water wall against fear here too.
This is a water wall in a doctor's private house, but I had a talk with that lady and she told me that she has also a water feature at the place where she's drawing blood from their patients. You know, when they need blood samples. And she has installed a water feature there, it's not a water wall, but she said that this is supporting the patients to relax and when they relax, the doctors can hit the veins better. Because if you are, your muscles are, contracted then you cannot give so good blood as if you are relaxed. So she's using a water feature in order to make her patients relaxed too.
This is a dentist again. You can see in the back there is the waiting area. And this is a dentist again and this is a dentist again. So, it's really a lot of dentists but as I said also other doctors. I have a customer who has a beauty operation centers, so, and, ok, so big benefit relaxation and removing fear and this is why doctors use it.
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