Ugly Wastewater Drama At Luxury Water Feature - Why You Need Non-Return-Valves


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Hello Guys,

a couple of years ago we have produced this wonderful, beautiful water feature, which is on the floor in a very, very exclusive house.

I will show you some pictures in a few seconds and take you look at this environment. So, it's a really very exclusive customer, very very beautiful water feature. And here you can see how beautiful it was when it was finished. And i really have to tell you : It is incredibly beautiful.

So, having said this, we have .., well actually it's not us who have had this misery, but something really ugly happened and this is why you should always take care of a non-return-valve, because the customer here ... you know, if that is the water feature in this area, then in the garage was the water technology stored, in a pumping sump.

Let me show you just a picture of that, ok, so here you can see a local plummer who just is in the pumping sump where we have stored all the pumps and water treatment, etc. So, as you can see it's in the floor of the garage. The garage was on the same level as the water feature. Water feature is here, so this is the garage level, there is the pumping sump and now comes the drama, you know, because we have installed a overflow drain, ok.

So, the overflow drain was connected to one of our technical tanks where we had our water treatment etc. So, this overflow drain had no return valve and there was a flooding. So, the local waste pipes or drain have put the waste water back, so all the dirty, stinky water out of the canalisation due to the flooding and due to the non-existing non-return-valve, all the shit and dirt came into our pumping sump and then finally came out here.

So, this is incredible, can you imagine, all the stinky, dirty, shitty water in the middle of this incredibly beautiful place. Yeah, it is, it is unbelievable, so ... superduper water feature, incredibly beautiful, you know, and then imagine this shit happending. It really happened, so the lesson here is : when you install a water feature, actually it's not your duty, because, you know, we just install our water feature and connected it to our customers drain. But the drain of the customer should have a non-return-valve, so you should advise your customer to have a non-return-valve, so that the waste water from the canalisation can not come back. Ok ?

So, this is the reason why you should advise your customer to have a non-return-valve. And now you can see what can happen if you don't have it, because it really can happen, shit can happen and come back from the canalisation and enter your water feature. I hope you enjoyed this one and i hope this will help you and your customer avoid such incredible misery and i hope you join us at the Wawazen Waterwall School.

See you soon. Thank you. Bye-bye !


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