How To Fix Hole Pipe Water Distribution At Water Wall To Slow Down Water


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

I want to thank Ameen who has sent me this video of the water wall he has built and here's a challenge : actually it is working, not bad, as you can see here, so he has a complete cover of the surface, but he contacted me because he said it's not possible to let the water run down slowly.

So this is because if you use such a pipe with holes then the water does not have the possibility to unite, so you have those different streams. In an other video a few weeks ago I have shown you this water wall which I have found in a pharmacy and it's a very beautiful water wall, by the way, so the stainless steel work is really like an art. But the water distribution also was made with holes in a pipe. And as you can see here too, you when the holes get polluted then the water will run down the pipes. This is one problem or one reason why I don't like such pipes but the other reason and this is what the problem Ameen has right now, is that you have, you cannot let it run down slowly.

I have an idea how he can fix this problem, but I just want to show you in this example that if you use such single streams coming out of a pipe then you will always, first of all, have those traces, so there are kind of a lines, lines in the water wall and you cannot let it run slowly and usually it's like that, people like it more if the water runs down slowly and it's much more beautiful if you have complete waves like here instead of those stripes here and as I'm saying it's much more better or beautiful if the water is running down slowly.

So, my idea I mean for you to fix this would be : at the moment you are having your pipe here, your holes are here and it looks like that you just have an a little bit skewed plate here and your streams go here, so the water does not have, so the water goes straight down the shortest way. So what I would recommend is : if you could bend, if you could bend this one a little bit like that and then put the streams here again, then the water would have the possibility to go also to the left and to the right instead of only down, downwards. And when it goes left and right then it is uniting with the neighbor stream, let's say like that and then it's more likely to get those waves instead of single streams.

So, you told me, I mean, that you are, you have built this water wall in order to have it mobile and you want it to be completely empty when you disassemble it. I understand that. so this is why you told me that you, this is the reason why you said you are not using your overflow channel. But if you, as I said, make here a little bit askew plate where then the water could go to the sides then probably you will be able to let it flow a little bit more slowly. So, at the moment it looks like the profile of your water wall is like this, so at the moment it's like this and as I said, okay I'm repeating myself, I know, I'm sorry, but I just want to make this clear. So, if you give the water a little bit of a straight zone, so that the water can go to the left and to the right, this probably might fix the problem.

So, I hope this is going to help you Ameen and I thank you so much for sharing this video with me and I hope that this is going to help and I would appreciate if you would send me a new video after you have fixed that. Because, it's a very beautiful water wall, these gold parts and then the stainless, polished stainless steel here. It's a very beautiful combination and yeah, I would be happy if you managed it, to let it flow down slowly, because I'm pretty sure it's going to become much, much more beautiful then.

Thank you Ameen and if you are watching this and you are having a challenge with your water wall, please send me a video and I would be glad if i could help you. So, send me an email with your water feature and with your problems and I hope I can help you fix it.

Thank you and see you soon. Bye-bye.


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