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One little Water Wall


A small video of one little, boring Water Wall. What do you think ?

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How To Fix Hole Pipe Water Distribution At Water Wall To Slow Down Water


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

I want to thank Ameen who has sent me this video of the water wall he has built and here's a challenge : actually it is working, not bad, as you can see here, so he has a complete cover of the surface, but he contacted me because he said it's not possible to let the water run down slowly.

So this is because if you use such a pipe with holes then the water does not have the possibility to unite, so you have those different streams. In an other video a few weeks ago I have shown you this water wall which I have found in a pharmacy and it's a very beautiful water wall, by the way, so the stainless steel work is really like an art. But the water distribution also was made with holes in a pipe. And as you can see here too, you when the holes get polluted then the water will run down the pipes. This is one problem or one reason why I don't like such pipes but the other reason and this is what the problem Ameen has right now, is that you...

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Beautiful Wave Water Wall


Please enjoy watching this test run of a Wave Water Wall made of stainless steel.  

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DIY Water Wall Problems - DON'T Use Pipe With Holes At Indoor Waterfall


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video I'm going to show you the three big problems you might face when you use a pipe with holes like here in order to get water distributed at a water wall or at the indoor waterfall. I'm gonna use this example because, actually it's pretty sad, because this is a real good craftmens work, actually it's really an artistic design and it's high-quality stainless steel work here, but the sad thing is that the guy who has built it probably never has build a water wall before because otherwise he would have used another water distribution system.

So three problems will occur when you use a system like this: The first one you can see it here: you don't get a complete water distribution as you can see we have here at the left and at the right side dry zones. This is because of the water distribution and because of the borders here. So, that's going to get ugly, because you might imagine that this is actually not looking good if...

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Playing here !


Please enjoy watching this three year old boy playing at an indoor waterfall.
Hahaha !

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Water Wall Test Run


In this video you can watch the test run of a big stainless steel water wall. Please enjoy !

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Crazy Mirror Effects


Have a look at this video of a stainless steel waterwall.
It looks amazing … even without water.

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Why it is good to use a reverse osmosis with automated waterwalls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video I will explain and show you why you should use a reverse osmosis when running an automated water wall system because reverse osmosis is one of the best tools to remove lime from the house tap water. And as you maybe know lime is one of the biggest problems you can face when creating water features because it not only it makes your water feature ugly, it can also damage surfaces, it can cause water damages and it's the number one reason why pumps get killed. Because if a pump has to deal with lime, after a short period of time it simply won't continue pumping. And manufacturers generally do not accept lime damages within the guarantee. So if you have a new water feature and you don't take care of calcification, it might happen that after three or four months your pump is dead and you will have to buy a new one because you have no warranty on the pump because the damage is caused by lime and calcification.

So it's very...

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