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Water Wall Test - Natural Stone Tiles - Distribution, Splashing and Visibility


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video I want to show you our test, which we have made, with natural tile stones in order to create a water wall. So the customer asked us to plan a water wall and so we did what we always do and what we really recommend, we tested those natural stone tiles before we did the planning and the installation. And there are actually the two most important things are here splashing and free falling drops and the color of the stone.

Let's just begin with splashing. So we have tested the water distribution with different amounts of water, well, it's not precise but it's just a volume of water which we have driven across the surface and you can see here at 25 percent, well, it's barely covering the whole thing. Then we opened the pump a little bit and, I think, this has been the best setting with 50%. 75% creates too much streams and I would say it's too much and 100 percent is far too much.

So, okay, so we have found out that the...

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DIY Water Wall Problems - DON'T Use Pipe With Holes At Indoor Waterfall


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video I'm going to show you the three big problems you might face when you use a pipe with holes like here in order to get water distributed at a water wall or at the indoor waterfall. I'm gonna use this example because, actually it's pretty sad, because this is a real good craftmens work, actually it's really an artistic design and it's high-quality stainless steel work here, but the sad thing is that the guy who has built it probably never has build a water wall before because otherwise he would have used another water distribution system.

So three problems will occur when you use a system like this: The first one you can see it here: you don't get a complete water distribution as you can see we have here at the left and at the right side dry zones. This is because of the water distribution and because of the borders here. So, that's going to get ugly, because you might imagine that this is actually not looking good if...

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How to build a indoor water wall spillway


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video, I want to show you the overflow channel or you can also call it spillway or gutter, I use to produce water walls. Actually this system I have used probably more than 150 times, and from my opinion, it's the best one because you can make a very good water distribution so that your surface, where you run the water over, is going to be floated completely. Because this is actually the biggest challenge to get a water film which will cover the whole plate. You can use a glass plate or you can use a stone plate or a stainless steel plate but it's always the most important thing is to get the water harmonically distributed on that surface. For that reason, I'm using this so called overflow channel and I'm going to show you also a couple of videos about this overflow channel in real life. But let's start with this construction drawing so that I can explain you the main elements of it.

So first of all, it was until today,...

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