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How to successfully use a waterwall and solve problems

Fascinating optical effect

First of all, one perceives a water wall with the eyes. The human eye is evolutionary programmed so that it automatically focuses on moving objects. What’s more, our reptilian brain tells us that water is safe, that water is a friend—that it is good to be near water.

These reasons allow a water wall to attract attention naturally. It works like a magnet for customers and ensures that more customers come to the store and remain longer. This automatically leads to the fact that more revenue can be generated for the business.

Luxury design

For the most part, large water walls are not only fascinating but also give such an impressive touch that highly successful companies love to place them in the entrance area to create an atmosphere of luxury, exclusiveness and high-quality. Some architects, who work with the most creative and unusual objects, like to incorporate a water wall as a design element.

What is worth mentioning...

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7 most common problems when building your own water feature for the first time


If you have decided to build a water wall (especially when you are a professional and need to build one for your client), pat yourself on the back for taking the smart decision. There are numerous advantages of this water feature, which we talk about quite often and it’s a great idea for both your clients interior design and for your business. Learn from 15 years of our experience and see what kind of problems you can encounter so you can be aware of the issues that you might have to deal with.


Problem # 1. It’s expensive!

You can waste a lot of time and energy finding good and reliable components. In the process of learning by trial and error, you can make a lot of mistakes, which can add up to high expenses. Unless you are a Sheikh of Dubai, it’s better to avoid the problem of getting broke by joining Wawazen Waterwall School and learning all you need to know.

Effect: If you are making water wall for your client, this means that you might not earn enough...

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