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Amazing Floor Water Feature

how to video water feature Mar 26, 2020

Have a look at this video of an amazing Floor Water Feature, which actually is like a waterwall on the ground.

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Crazy Mirror Effects


Have a look at this video of a stainless steel waterwall.
It looks amazing … even without water.

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HELP, my water feature sucks - problems with indoor waterfall

diy how to video water feature Mar 15, 2020

This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Hello guys, this I just want to share pretty shortly, because it happens every year a couple of times that people contact me because they really are suffering from not-working water features or water walls. I just will read this in short.
This is an email: "Dear Sir or Madam, we (my boss and I) are facing a medium to very large problem. We had a water wall installed in our supermarket. Unfortunately, the company is either unavailable or not in the country or simply no longer feels responsible for its property. By asking and begging several times nobody comes to help us. (Water leaks out, poorly laid pipes) Every external person who took a look at this has cursed that thing. We therefore need a company that can get us out of the bad, look at the existing properties, suggest an alternative and, of course, be available if there are problems. So we came across your company by chance. What would a visit and a consultation cost ? Where...

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Come with me around the Pillar water wall


Please have a look at this interesting water wall around a pillar at a reception and waiting area of a medical practice.

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Indoor Waterfall At Airport

how to video water feature Mar 07, 2020

Have a look at this impressive indoor waterfall at an airport.

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Two Glass Water Walls At Dentist's Waiting Area


Please enjoy this video showing a composition of two glass water walls in a dentist's waiting area.

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Benefit #6 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Another important benefit of water walls is relaxation and removing fear, because actually I think it's not possible to be relaxed and having fear at the same times. So, water walls are supporting your relaxation and I think this is the reason why many doctors have bought water walls from me. And surprisingly, most of them are dentists. So, what you see here is a very successful dentist in Austria, Vienna, he has two water walls and behind here, this is the waiting area for the patients.
Then this is a big water wall in the waiting area of a doctor who does ..., okay, it's so complicated, but it's a big waiting area and all of those patients, I believe, they have fear. It has to do something with your lower parts of your body so, they, and, ahm, okay, why not this is a colon clinic, so, if you have some problems with digestion they put a camera in your butt. So people waiting there, you can imagine, most of them have some fear, so...

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Benefit #5 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Yeah, another very important benefit of water walls is that they can help reduce flu viruses in the air.
If you google "flu virus dry air" you will find that scientists have discovered, that flu viruses thrive in dry air. So if you have dry air in your rooms, you will have more flu viruses than if you would have not-dry air. So, that's why water walls can help, can help to reduce those flu viruses in the air.
You know it's especially in the wintertime, when the air outside is cold and the air inside is warm, then all the humidity is going outside of the house. So you get dry air inside the house and outside you have then higher humidity because the humidity always moves towards the colder areas. This is why usually we have more dry air in houses in the winter and this also explains why we have more flus in the winter. Simply because flu viruses increase in dry air.
So if you want to reduce those, a water wall is a super duper...

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Help me help Maik Pleiner

photography Feb 15, 2020

Take a look at this incredible beautiful art of photography:

You will find more here:


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Benefit #4 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Yeah, another big benefit of water walls or indoor waterfalls is that they are removing smell from the air. In the last session I have described how water walls are cleaning the air from dust and fine dust and smog and exhausts, but what they really also do very good is removing smell and removing chemicals from the air.

A very good example is, there was a perfumery and maybe you know that when you go to a perfumery it really smells pretty strange, because all those perfumes, they stay in the air. And those people who work there, you know, they really suffer from that sometimes, because they are exposed to those chemicals and to those smells the whole day long. And some of them suffer from headaches, etc., etc. After they have installed a water wall all those problems were gone, because those chemicals and smells of the perfumes were absorbed by the water wall. So really a very big benefit removing chemicals and smells from the...

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