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Benefit #4 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Yeah, another big benefit of water walls or indoor waterfalls is that they are removing smell from the air. In the last session I have described how water walls are cleaning the air from dust and fine dust and smog and exhausts, but what they really also do very good is removing smell and removing chemicals from the air.

A very good example is, there was a perfumery and maybe you know that when you go to a perfumery it really smells pretty strange, because all those perfumes, they stay in the air. And those people who work there, you know, they really suffer from that sometimes, because they are exposed to those chemicals and to those smells the whole day long. And some of them suffer from headaches, etc., etc. After they have installed a water wall all those problems were gone, because those chemicals and smells of the perfumes were absorbed by the water wall. So really a very big benefit removing chemicals and smells from the...

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Benefit #3 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Benefit number 3 is that water walls cleans the air from dust, fine dust and smog, like for example car exhausts. This is a big benefit, because if you live in a city where you have smog, which means fine dust pollution in the air, then this can affect your health. And water walls can clean the air from such fine dust, because this fine dust then is melting into the water and, yeah, you have clean air. You can measure that, so all the dirt, also in the office which come out of laser printers, will dissolve into the water and, yeah, you have cleaner air. So, this is, I think, a very big benefit.

Today many people don't know the air washing functions of water walls. Because actually water walls are also used in colouring companies, where they use those chemical colors those water walls clean the air after that and they're also used in stone manufacturing companies, when they cut the stones then they have fine dust and then they use...

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Benefit #2 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Ok, today we'll talk about benefit number 2, which is attraction.
Why attraction? It is a biological fact that human eyes are attracted by moving objects. So just take a look at this italian restaurant which has a big thread fountain in the middle of it. And, maybe you can imagine, this restaurant is getting quite a lot of attention. So, why is that so? Let me show you this just in short.

As I said, the human eye is biologically attracted to moving objects. Ok, now it is not so hard for you to follow that cross, but imagine you would have two shops with two windows. In this window you would just have some stuff placed here to be sold, some shelves and some products, etc. And you would have some stuff in the other window too, but here you would have a water wall. So we would have a moving object and the eye is catching moving objects first. So your attention would first go to this right shop window because there is a moving object,...

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Benefit #1 of Water Walls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Today I want to share the benefit number 1 of water walls or indoor-waterfalls, which is an expression of art. They are simply beautiful, and the benefit of beauty is, that people just feel better and they are astonished. And making people feel better and giving them the moment of being astonished, I think, this is really one of the most important benefits you can have when you use water walls or indoor-waterfalls.

I have experienced that people really, when they see a water wall or indoor-waterfall for the first time, they really stop and they watch and they just try to find out what's happening here. They're seeing something beautiful but they also realize, it's not just that they see something, it's something happening with them inside. I think, this is really what happens when they watch a water wall.

That, okay, it's an expression of art and it's something beautiful and there are many, many other really, let's say, hard...

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Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020

For the next 99 days i will help every day somebody for free. Why? Cause and effect. What goes around comes around. What you give is what you get. Give is gain. If you help others you will recieve help yourself, yes? Plus it feels really good :)


DAY #1

Today i gave a 1 year free wawazen waterwall business partnership to Ramey, who is an artist. His son has a heart disease, and Ramey has built him a water wall, which makes the boy relax and feel good!

I hope, Ramey will make some good profit with waterwalls for his family!


DAY #2

Eyitayo from Nigeria is a 19 year old student of architecture and probably the youngest Waterwall Developer on earth :)

I gave him 2 free months additionaly to his one payed month of the Wawazen Buissnes Partnership. So now he has 3 months to start his waterwall business.


DAY #3

Anitra from Florida is a single mom with 2 children and she is running a Hair Studio Business. You might imagine the struggle she has.

She wants to attract more...

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How to build a indoor water wall spillway


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video, I want to show you the overflow channel or you can also call it spillway or gutter, I use to produce water walls. Actually this system I have used probably more than 150 times, and from my opinion, it's the best one because you can make a very good water distribution so that your surface, where you run the water over, is going to be floated completely. Because this is actually the biggest challenge to get a water film which will cover the whole plate. You can use a glass plate or you can use a stone plate or a stainless steel plate but it's always the most important thing is to get the water harmonically distributed on that surface. For that reason, I'm using this so called overflow channel and I'm going to show you also a couple of videos about this overflow channel in real life. But let's start with this construction drawing so that I can explain you the main elements of it.

So first of all, it was until today,...

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Why it is good to use a reverse osmosis with automated waterwalls


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video I will explain and show you why you should use a reverse osmosis when running an automated water wall system because reverse osmosis is one of the best tools to remove lime from the house tap water. And as you maybe know lime is one of the biggest problems you can face when creating water features because it not only it makes your water feature ugly, it can also damage surfaces, it can cause water damages and it's the number one reason why pumps get killed. Because if a pump has to deal with lime, after a short period of time it simply won't continue pumping. And manufacturers generally do not accept lime damages within the guarantee. So if you have a new water feature and you don't take care of calcification, it might happen that after three or four months your pump is dead and you will have to buy a new one because you have no warranty on the pump because the damage is caused by lime and calcification.

So it's very...

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Designer & Waterwall Developer Robert Shows Ring Waterfall Fountain


Markus: Hello, my name is Markus. I'm the founder of Wawazen and I'm pleased to welcome Robert Fechtmann from Florida here who is a business partner of Wawazen and who has invented and created a really unique water feature which we will take a look at in a few minutes. But maybe first Robert, would you please tell us who are you and what are you doing?

Robert: Okay. Hi everyone. My name is Robert. I'm a product designer. I went to school for product design and I just always saw water walls are really cool. So I wanted to make my own but I wanted to do it a bit differently than having just a square wall. So I kind of came up with a new way to disperse the water with a sheet. So I have this kind of uniquely shaped water wall and Markus is helping me with building a business around it.

Markus: Wow, you know what Robert, I think everybody who's just started watching this video. He just sees two guys and he sees you like a designer you know what you're talking about. The people don't...

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Humidification and dehumidification – it can do both. It’s not magic, it’s physics.

In most cases, people install water walls because of their humidifying effects. Dry air causes problems with concentration, and can also be damaging to health when one is exposed to it on a daily basis. Human mucous membranes suffer in dry air and people get red eyes, dry nose, bad skin, and heavy feeling in the chest. They just feel unwell and therefore become irritated—sometimes not even knowing why. It is also a proven fact that the flu virus multiplies faster in dry air. Last but not the least – wooden furniture, floors and other wooden elements may suffer irreparable damages when placed in droughty places. Most plants cannot survive long if the surrounding air is dry.

Most modern buildings have insufficient air circulation. In most modern buildings, the extensive air conditioning makes the air dry, and it’s a challenge to make it humid again. One solution is to get a humidification machine, but they are pretty ugly and they have their limits...

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Why are SPA & Wellness using indoor water falls?

Why does water have a positive effect on space…?

Why do we feel immediately comfortable near running water…?

What effect does it have on our mind…?


It is stored in our genes that water lets us survive, that water is a “friend”. Human life is impossible without water, and many times in history, man would strive to get access to water. Today, we don’t have that problem, as it is running in our taps, but our soul still remembers… If you don’t believe in soul, you can think of the reptilian brain, which is a part of human brain, which can sense danger or escape far quicker than intellect. That is why we feel automatically well near water. And if you feel good you can relax deeper and connect better with your inner self.

There are also purely material reasons. Running water cleanses and moisturizes the air, creating a healthy indoor climate. That can be especially important during the cold season, because...

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