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Indoor Waterfall with Mineral Oil = Dogshit

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2022

 2 weeks ago Mister R. from Las Vegas told me this:

His friend, Mister B., had built a waterwall for a very rich lady. Instead of water he did put oil in the circulation... maybe to avoid refilling due to evaporation? 

The lady had 12 expensive dogs. Turns out, mineral oil is a natural laxative for dogs. The dogs consumed the oil and shit all over the multimillion mansion.

The lady was pretty upset and Mister B. had to take back the waterwall.

Lucky for Mister R., because after that he baught the stored waterwall for a nice low price...

He has shown me the waterwall, now running with water, live via whatsapp video chat.

Sad story, right? I admire the courage of Mister B. to build something like that! Actullay you need to have courage anyway if you build custom made indoor waterfalls!

But how can you avoid such dramas? I would say by following 3 simple rules:

#1. Always test the waterfall in your workshop before you deliver at the site

#2. Dont sell a...

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200 Waterwalls in 2 Years Sold

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2022

This really made my day - thank you Mauricio for that amazing testimonial! It feels so great to see your success and happiness.

I know i helped you and i inspired you, but you did it all by yourself. Your success story will sure inspire others to start the waterwall business.

And yes, you used some of my advice, but you have developed your own system and you have sold more then 200 waterwalls in 2 years in Argentinia and you can live your life more relaxed and more happy and more healthy then before, when you have been a sales representative.

Thank you so much for your video and the picutres - i hope we can do lot more in the future together!

Here is the link to some of your works pictures i just uploaded on pinterest:


Big hug :)

Yours Markus



...When will YOU start your Waterwall Business? Apply here now:



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How NOT To Build A Water Wall - Indoor Waterfall Water Distribution FAIL


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video I'm going to show you how you should not build a water wall, how you should not do the water distribution and the overflow channel.

The first problem here, as you can see, is that the back wall is very low and the water can escape at the back too, if you produce here more waves. And then the second thing is that we just have a couple of metal plates with holes inside this overflow channel, inside the gutter. But the feeding comes from the middle. So, if this is the complete overflow channel we have a feeding from the middle and on that feeding there sits a small cap. So, this is this one and this cap causes the water only to escape into two directions, so we get a venturi effect which means that we produce a lot of pressure here due to the water which comes to the sides. But we have low pressure here in the middle and according to that, the water does not flow over the overflow channel here in this middle area, and...

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Fixing Threads At Indoor Waterfall Fountain


Here we have a short video about how we fix the threads of a Thread Fountain Waterfall.

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Glass Water Wall in Wellness Area


This is an older video of mine, showing a Glass Water Wall in a Wellness Area.

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Indoor Waterfall Critical Mistake


Here you can see why you do need a dark background for Thread Fountains.

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Installing an 11m Thread Fountain Waterfall


Probably the highest Thread Fountain in Europe with 11,2m total hight. You can see it live in Linz, Austria!

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Thread Fountain In Gym Against Dust And Smells


Please see this video of a nice thread fountain in a Gym. It was ordered to do something against the dust and sweat smells in the room. And it did.

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DIY Water Wall Problem - WRONG Water Additive Destroys Waterfilm


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

So, when you build a water wall or an indoor waterfall then you want to use a water additive against germs and algae, but you should take care and be very careful to test the water additive, because it might happen that your water additive is changing the surface tension of the water and then you can have two effects, which are pretty bad.

One effect can be that  you will not be able to create a water film across the whole glass plate, like for example in this water wall. Here you can see we have a very nice complete water film covering the whole glass plate with harmonically distributed waves. So if you use the wrong water additive and increase the water tension of the water then you get such streams which then do not cover the complete glass plate and they're also pretty loud and they create splashing.

Then the opposite of that is if you have a water additive against algae and germs which is destroying the tension, the...

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Water Wall And The Sky


Please relax with this calming video of flowing water and some white, fluffy clouds in the blue sky !

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