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How to take water samples for laboratory - indoor waterfall sticky water kills pumps


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:
Hello again to the Wawazen Waterwall School. Today I've been at a customer's place examining, well not examining, but taking samples because we have those crystalline sticky stuff here in this thread fountain which is causing the pump to be damaged. The rotor is completely stuck and you cannot repair this. So actually it's the third pump which is damaged due to this sticky crystalline stuff where we don't know where it comes from and that's the reason why I've been there today. So usually I thought, you know, taking water samples is just super simple. You just go there and take a half a liter or one liter and bring it to the laboratory or send it there.

But no, they supplied me with six different bottles and each, well those those are simple: you just fill in the water, but you have to take care that there is no air inside. Then those two, they had some special chemicals in it which then ..., yeah, we'll come on ...,...

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Thread fountain LED test


We tested this thread fountain with LED lights in the frame. Please have a look.
Soothing, isn't it ?

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Don't laugh ...

diy how to video water feature Jan 23, 2021

This symbol of fruitfulness.
Please do not laugh at this water feature ... if you can ! 

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Water Wall Test - Natural Stone Tiles - Distribution, Splashing and Visibility


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

In this video I want to show you our test, which we have made, with natural tile stones in order to create a water wall. So the customer asked us to plan a water wall and so we did what we always do and what we really recommend, we tested those natural stone tiles before we did the planning and the installation. And there are actually the two most important things are here splashing and free falling drops and the color of the stone.

Let's just begin with splashing. So we have tested the water distribution with different amounts of water, well, it's not precise but it's just a volume of water which we have driven across the surface and you can see here at 25 percent, well, it's barely covering the whole thing. Then we opened the pump a little bit and, I think, this has been the best setting with 50%. 75% creates too much streams and I would say it's too much and 100 percent is far too much.

So, okay, so we have found out that the...

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Water Wall Quotes


Please enjoy some inspiring quotes in the video.

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How to install a water feature pump

diy how to video water feature Nov 07, 2020

This is the transcription of my voice in this video:
In this video I'm going to show you the most common problems when installing a water feature pump, which is that the pump has air inside and then it doesn't work.

So let's say if you have a container or a tank, this is your water level and this is a pump like that, so it's a pretty big pump, and here would be the sucking side and here's the pressure side. So, what happens if you put a pump into the water and you have the sucking side below then there will still remain air here inside the pump. So, when you start the pump the rotor or the propellers in here they just, because they they're not covered with water, they will not be able to transport the water. So, even if it's ... so, when the first time when you put a pump into your tank you should take care that the sucking side is from above so that the air could get out and the water could get in the pump. So, when, then when you turn it on it will immediately be filled with water...

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Rainbow Thread Fountain Water Wall In Wellness Area


Please enjoy the look of this iridescent Thread Fountain in a construction site for a wellness area.

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How to build a pool water feature


This is the transcription of my voice in this video:

Hello and welcome again to the Wawazen Waterwall School. Here I will show you how we did a water wall at a pool which is looking pretty amazing.

This was a very exclusive villa in Switzerland where the complete pool area had been refurbished. Here you can see mosaic tiles and they have produced a niche and then we have put a glass plate there and we have also put some LED light down here and as it is, I think more than 10 years ago, maybe, I think, we have had also some LED lights up there. So, it looks pretty good, but we have had a couple of challenges and I wouldn't do it the same way again, but ... yeah, I will explain you how we did it. I just want to show you some additional pictures before I start explaining how we did it.

Okay, so now you have seen the setup and actually, as I said, it is a niche so if that's the wall, then, from above, then we have placed here the glass plate which is then at one level with the rest of...

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Spy at our Indoor Waterfall Maintenance Work


In this video you can spy on how we do the maintenance at a Thread Fontain in an office building. 

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Benefits of Indoor Waterfalls

business how to Sep 19, 2020

Benefits of Indoor Waterfalls

Having waterfalls indoor sounds like an amazing idea. It’s one of those things that can help you get past all the challenges in a day and just enjoy life for a day. More than 30 million homes in the US alone are dealing with some sort of health issues, stress and anxiety. Even simple things like lead or mold can end up bringing respiratory problems. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to install a Water Wall or even a DIY Indoor Waterfall if possible. How can this help? Let’s find out!

Stress reduction

One of the major benefits provided by Indoor Waterfalls is the fact that they help you calm down and unwind. The fact that you’re close to water helps you become a more tranquil person. Challenges and demanding situations just go away and you get to enjoy life for what it is. This means you can have plenty of fun, not to mention your body releases serotonin and you will feel a lot happier. The best part is that you can add an Indoor...

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